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Partitions & Dividers - Ano-Screen Stands

Ano-Frame Snap-on Screen Display Stands – Create your own customized visual display with AnoScreen. Cut to your precise dimensions, AnoScreen can accommodate any size promotional signage up to 48" wide by 96" high. Add as many side-by-side panels as you need for your display.
• Freestanding display cut to your dimensions.
• Top-loading - signage switches out in seconds.
• Folds flat for easy storage.
• Assembles in minutes without any tools.


Live Area – the amount of graphic actually shown when placed in a frame. When you place your graphic into a 1/8" AnoFrame, a 5/8" margin is covered by the frame. For example, if your graphic size is 8.5" x 11", your live area will be 7.25" x 9.75". When you place your graphic into a 3/16" AnoFrame, a 3/8" margin is covered by the frame. For example, if your graphic size is 8.5" x 11", your live area will be 7.75" x 10.25".

AnoScreen Display Stand Specifications
Technical Details:
Colors & Finishes: Stock colors are clear anodized and black anodized aluminum.
Load Option: Slide-in / Top Loading
Profile: Round
Corner Option: Mitered
Dimensions / Graphic Size: Maximum 48" x 96" (Panel Size).
Graphic Thickness: Maximum graphic thickness is 125 pt (1/8", 3mm) for panels made of 1/8" AnoFrame. Maximum graphic thickness is 187 pt (3/16", 5mm) for panels made of 3/16" AnoFrame. Substrates should be rigid or semi-rigid. For thin, flexible substrates use backer boards or clear protective PETG liners. Sold separately.
Accessories: See all accessories related to Ano-Frame SnapOn System in the "Product Specification Sheets".
Installation Note: Ships unassembled. Standard base is 9″ in black or silver, larger bases available if needed.
Item Code Frame Type Frame Size Number of Panels Floor Support Type Unit Price
SW-12AK100 1/8" AnoFrame / Mitered 30" x 72" 3 (w/Snap-On Clips) w/9" Floor Base Call
SW-12AK100 1/8" AnoFrame / Mitered 30" x 72" 6 (w/Snap-On Clips) w/9" Floor Base Call
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Note: Always cut to your exact specifications. Please call for pricing of your system.
*** Catalog and online prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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Printing & Signmaking Services - We offer photographic quality ink-jet printing for posters, graphics, and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates: vinyl, fabric, transparencies (back-lit films), labels, or plastic stock ...

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