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AnoMate Fabric Holder & Gripper - Wall Mounted & Ceiling Suspended Kits

AnoMate Holder – a revolutionary way to hang fabrics and other light substrates. Used with AnoMate plastic insert and special velcro strips, this holder provides a strong hold on fabric, paper, card stock, plastic, etc.
• Simple to use – just slide your graphic with the GraphicMate into the AnoMate for a strong hold.
• No sewn pockets or special graphic treatment necessary, saving time and money. 
• Ideal for holding fabric substrates without any bunching or rippling.
• AnoMate is the exclusive graphic holder using GraphicMate to display retail graphics.
• AnoMate works with substrates such as fabric, paper, card stock, or plastic up to 0.030".

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AnoMate Holder - Graphic Holders/Grippers for fabric

AnoMate Holder - Graphic Holders/Grippers for fabric

AnoMate Holder - Graphic Holders/Grippers for fabric

Technical Details:
Colors & Finishes: Outer-Shell for round, square and concave profiles stock finishes are clear and black anodized aluminum. GraphicMate Insert stock color is clear PVC.
Load Option: Slide-in
Profile: Round, Square or Concave
Dimensions / Graphic Width: Minimum 12"; Maximum 121".
Graphic Thickness: AnoMate with the GraphicMate Insert works with substrates such as fabric, paper, card stock, or plastic up to 0.030". Ideal for thinner fabrics such as sheer, satin, or denim light. Sizes reflect combined laminate and substrate thickness prior to application of GraphicMate Velcro.
Hanging/Mounting Options: Available accessories vary by choice of holder style. Can be used with wall Hangers, or Peg/Slatwall Hangers, or Window Mounts, or cable hardware for ceiling suspension.
Concave profile is not compatible with Window Mounts, AnoConnectors, Snap-In Wall Hangers, or Snap-In Off-the-Wall Hangers.
Accessories: See all accessories related to AnoMate Holder in the "Product Specification Sheets".
Installation Notes: GraphicMate is applied to the graphic by the client (printer) prior to store delivery. Use the AnoConnector to connect multiple holders.
Item Code Graphic Width Between Price (1-15 pcs) Price (15+ pcs)
SW-12A300-12">20" 12" to 20" $8.20 $6.30
SW-12A300-21">30" 21" to 30" $11.70 $9.00
SW-12A300-31">40" 31" to 40" $15.21 $11.70
SW-12A300-41">50" 41" to 50" $18.72 $14.40
SW-12A300-51">60" 51" to 60" $22.25 $17.10
SW-12A300-61">80" 61" to 80" $29.64 $22.80
SW-12A300-81">121" 81" to 121" Call Call
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Note: Always cut to your exact specifications.
Price includes 2 end caps per holder. *GraphicMate Velcro needs to be purchased separately. Available in 25 yards rolls. Price: $99.50 per roll.
Note: Specify Silver (-S) or Black (-B) color option. Specify round (-R), square (-SQ) for profile style.
*Oversized items - products that are too large to be shipped by normal means, or require special freight arrangements and additional charges because of their volumetric size or weight.
*** Catalog and online prices are subject to change without prior notice.
LEAD-TIMES: Current lead time for AnoMate product is 4 to 6 weeks. Please e-mail or call us if you require shorter lead-times.
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